joe menth

I design beautiful things and print amazing art for a living.
I live on a magical island.
And I get to play in the cosmos in a way most would only dream of.
What more could you ask for?

Fine Balance Imaging Studios my design and printing studio is where I spend most of my time.
The balance of my time is spent at my second business, Feather & Fox, a retail boutique of awesomeness opened with my brilliant wife Rhiannon where we design cool stuff to sell alongside amazing artsy and craftsy things from regional artists.
The StoryDome is where I stretch outside of the time and space of running two businesses, and play in the role of presenting a visual and spoken narrative around our collective origin, the vastness of space and the depths of our shared "big" history, from the beginning of time to the present and into the future...
I am a self-described universe geek, cosmology and consciousness research nerd, all around champion of others' creative endeavors (and my own).
I tend to be split down the middle between occasional spiritual tourist, traipsing around in different belief structures to find what fits for a time, and ardent science fan, supporting the ideas of an awareness of foundational reality structures from which we can dream (and theorize) into new ways of understanding the world at large.
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